Client Testimonials (AVVO)

I work in Downtown at the Hall of Justice. I see many lawyers on a day to day basis. I recently got in some trouble and the first lawyer that came to mind to help me out with this case was Ms. Nan Bucknell. She was very helpful and attentive. She spoke up for me and I felt like she truly had my best interest at heart. In the end when everything was said and done she got my case dismissed. I couldn't be happier with her and definitely recommend her.

I was wrongly charged with a crime based on erroneous information from the DMV. Nan set me at ease by finding out facts about the case to support my innocence even before I went to court. Nan made me feel confident that my case would be dismissed and she followed through by going to court for me on the same day I was at orientation for my university. She even got the case dismissed at the arraignment stage, earlier than expected. This speaks a lot about the credibility she has at the courthouse and her adeptness in getting the client's desired results. Anyone who has been charged with a crime and needs expert legal help should consider calling Nan, I'm glad I did.

Being arrested for possession to sell and DUI (even though the car was parked) I was looking at a Felony on my record and a misdemeanor. However with Nancy on the team we received an incredible outcome. No jail time, very quick outcome and extremely easy to reach when I had questions. If you need an attorney, you need Nancy Bucknell. She is highly regarding amongst her colleagues and it showed every-time we were in the courthouse.

Nan achieved a very positive outcome in my DUI w/ injury case. She had the felony downgraded to a misdemeanor and several days taken off of my sentence.

Nan helped me out at my time of need. I was accused of sexual battery. she was with me all the way. she fought for me. never gave up on me. I was scared, but she but me at ease. she helped with my family handle this case as I was locked up in county. she did everything in her power to get me out. she was always at court and came to visit me in jail. I'm now with my family once again. she is the best. still after the case was over she is still with me helping me. she fights with everything she got . I recommend her to every one as my case was a tough case. she went head on. thanks Nan.

We hired Nan Bucknell to represent my son for violation of probation charges. We decided to get legal counsel for my son as we felt that he would not be adequately represented by a public defender after being violated by his probation officer when he had attended 38 weeks of a 52 week DV program. My son is a very difficult person to deal with and she really put things in perspective for my son right from the initial meeting. She was clear with explanations of proceedings and possible outcomes for his case. She not only represented him at on going court dates, but also was instrumental in dealing with the probation officer for my son's case. She was very attentive to our case and prompt with phone calls, emails, and face to face meetings.

We first hired Ms. Bucknell over a year ago to represent my son for a non-violent criminal charge and a violation of probation on a drug charge. We had already paid two other lawyers for prior misdemeanor charges with unsatisfactory results. With our limited financial resources, we thought that his latest charge would have to be left to the public defenders. I dreaded that my son would become just another case file among hundreds at the public defenders office. Ms. Bucknell understood our financial dilemma and made us a reasonable offer to represent my son on his new charge. She not only gave us the peace of mind of knowing what we should expect of the "correctional system", but she gave him guidance in making the best decisions regarding his defense. She has visited him at the jail every time he requested to meet with her before court appearances and has always been available by phone or email if I have any questions or concerns regarding my son's cases. I have no regrets that we hired Nan Bucknell to represent my son and I would recommend her to everyone that needs a lawyer and does not want to get lost in the "legal system".

Nan helped me out with a DUI case I was facing and was very helpful. I was a little nervous and anxious going in. She definitely put me at ease and was very helpful and straight-forward with me. I had been referred to her by my brother and also had heard very good things about her from other lawyers that I had called to consult before finally deciding to have her represent me. I was convinced by what I had heard and by how great Nan is. I would definitely recommend her if you need some legal consultation!

I went into court charged with a DUI and walked out with just a $100 fine for an underage "Zero Tolerance" infraction. My new best friend.

I luckily found Nan after I had already hired (and paid for!) a lawyer for a first-offender DUI case. I had gotten the sense that my first choice (made in haste after the arrest) was a "churn and burn" kind of lawyer, and I wanted someone that would understand ME as a person rather than just as a DUI. Nan was exactly that lawyer - she insisted I come to meet her so that we could talk through things and she was friendly, down-to-earth, and realistic. Nan even advised me on how to get some of my money back from the first lawyer! She also took the time to understand my life and what things were most important to try to "fight for" in terms of the punishments. As things progressed she was really timely in response to email, and most importantly she got as good of a result as possible for me. I am able to do my community service locally rather than where the offense was, and through a non-profit I was already affiliated with. She was willing to go back to court to fight for flexibility if I needed it as well, and she expunges your record after 3 years. Nan is a great choice, I highly recommend her!!

Has good communication through phone and email and that is important to me because I am a college student in Southern California. I met with her once to discuss the facts of my case and possible outcomes. Nan is very knowledgeable of the system, knows how to appropriately respond to situations, and was prepared for my court dates, which helped my case greatly.

When a relative was cited for DUI, I recommended she see Nan. I had been represented by her a couple of years ago, and knew how good she is. As she had been with me, Nan was never judgmental and was always knowledgeable, prepared and confident. We always knew she cared and was doing her best. And her best was always great. Her diligence and zeal got both of us what I realize to be the best possible outcome. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing legal representation.

After facing a felony and DUI in Sunnyvale Nan had her work cut out for her. Sunnyvale PD wanted my head on a silver platter. After some life changing advice and a loving kick in the ass, she helped save my marriage, job and future. No jail time at all!!! Felony was reduced to a minimal mister meaner. DUI is a DUI. She`s the best in my book!

Nan saved my son from a prison term. She was an angel on his shoulder each time he went before the judge. She seemed to be highly respected not only be the judge but the DA as well. Professional and approachable. Highly recommended. She will not disappoint. She can pull rabbits out of the hat...seriously.

I wish I had Nan defend my DUI case.. however I had another law firm do it for me.. big mistake!
I came to Nan to get my probation term reduced and case expunged from my record. She worked diligently on the case and always kept me up to date on the case proceedings. The judge refused to reduce the probation term and Nan told me she would get my DUI expunged for free.. which she did! The case is finally resolved and I could not have hired anyone better than Nan.. I only wish I had gone to her with the DUI case 1st... She really listens and cares about all her clients.. and the best part is she is always available.. just a call or an email away.. she was very responsive and put me at ease at a time in my life when I was very stressed. I will always recommend Nan to anyone looking for a top notch lawyer to defend their DUI!

Bright, experienced and dependable. Ms. Bucknell helped me through a difficult time. I recommend her highly.

Nan Bucknell helped us with a big federal case . She is very Knowledgeable, and is quick to respond to questions and research. She responded with everything we needed to know immediately and has helped us sleep at night during a very trying time. She is professional , kind and caring but very aggressive and will not hold back to fight for her clients rights.

Nan Bucknell saved my son's future! He made a very bad mistake at ShoreLine and Nan was able to guide us through the process and with her knowledge and wisdom we received the outcome we needed to save his future. There is no one better to handle your case than Nan Bucknell.

I am an international client who was in Silicon Valley on business. I was only there for a few days and were able to meet with Lawyer Nancy and I trusted her to resolve my DUI case so I can come back to the U.S. without any problem. She did the job and resolved the issue completely.

I am a single mom with a teenage daughter. I was very upset when I got a call from the police telling me that my daughter stole a bicycle at school. I was embarrassed and my daughter was scared. I did not know what to do. Then I found Nan. She is wonderful and very skillful. Nan taught us how the law works and got my daughter out of trouble.

I've only known Nan a short time, but she has impressed me deeply! She is smart, knowledgeable, tough, and respected by her legal peers. The possibility of losing my license after making a dumb mistake (DUI) meant possibly losing my ability to support my family. Nan has helped save my job and my family. THANK YOU NAN!!

My husband's case was a possible "3 strikes" and he faced life in prison. His case started out with no bail she was able to get a bail set and my husband was released. Nan kept us up to date and informed. Unlike some attorneys, that take your money and then are always too busy, Nan was easy to get in touch with and ALWAYS returned calls. She explained every step of the way and told us the good side and the bad side. Nan is a great negotiator and does not back down in court, she "fought" for us. In the end, my husband was sentenced to 3 years probation, which is beyond what we could have hoped for. We were so lucky to have found her. If you are in trouble, trust your case to Nan, she will believe in you!

I've worked with Nancy for 19 years. In consultation, she is articulate and easy to understand, and cuts through the legal mumbo jumbo. In court, she is powerful and effective. She has always understood what outcomes I needed, worked to achieve them, kept me informed of the process and progress, and certainly knew what she was talking about. I would not use anyone else.

I first hired Nan back in 2007 when I was facing multiple misdemeanor charges across various counties for Driving on Suspended License. She appeared for me across the state and I had my license back in less then a month after hiring her. I retained her again in 2010 for a violent crime defense. I was glad I did, because her relationship with my judge proved to be a befit to my case. She seemed to be on a first name basis with the court clerks and everything was very painless. I was looking at a prison term and because of Nan, I never spent a day in prison. The best thing about Nan is that she is honest and straight forward. She does not sugar coat the facts. Nan tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Nan is very thorough and always answers my emails and calls very quickly even when she is busy. I would never hire another attorney. RGR

Nan is awesome!!! She helped me on 3 different instances, Felony, DUI and Record Clearance for both and made the impossible happen. I have also referred her to two other friends with the same results. Very informative, straight forward and will not sugarcoat anything. We all make mistakes and when you do you will not find a better Lawyer then Nan to help you through It. Call Nan!! you will not be disappointed.

Nan kept us informed through all aspects of our case. We needed some serious help from a good criminal defense lawyer and she was the one. Had spoke to other attorneys but she made us feel we had a good chance at a better outcome. She fought a good fight and got us the results we needed. Would recommend her to anyone needing great counseling

Nan did a great job for me with a DUI. As I am out of county, she was able to have all my programs transferred to my home town, or the next town over for the program classes. She kept me updated and informed. This was helpful as I was quite anxious in the beginning. She handled everything very professionally and I never even had to go to court.

Nancy was the first lawyer that my husband and I ever needed and for being our first lawyer we are satisfied with her work. She was straight forward with us and she found ways to help us out and make it easier for us. We live out of San Jose, but the cases were in San Jose. The first time my husband and I meet Nancy was in her office and after that we kept in touch with her by e-mail because we lived out of San Jose. She has been honest with us since the very first day. Her work took a bit longer then what she thought it was going to take, but her work was well done and accomplished.

Nan is responsive and great to work with. I've worked with her on a couple of occasions and she has been able to take care of my requests and answer all my questions. She knows the ins and outs of the Santa Clara system and I highly recommend her.

Nan is a go for the gold type of lawyer. if you need serious help, this is your attorney. no nonsense, she guides you through the tough times. knowledgeable, intelligent, she keeps you well informed.

There I was, an out of state person, going along my busy life of travel and work... and bam, I get a DUI in CA state! At that point, my DL, work and everything was a big question mark. I had to fly out of CA for work the very next day.
I shopped around, spoke to and evaluated some lawyers and decided on Nancy. Best decision I made... The complete case (representation, paper work, signatures etc.) was handled from a distance over email and the occasional phone call. Could not have been happier with the outcome. The whole case went without a hitch. It was over in a few months and she got me the best case scenario. Very prompt with replying to questions / concerns. Did I mention best price quote too? TY Nan :)

Nan helped me expunge a case I had in Santa Clara county when I was young and foolish. She expertly helped me through my case and fought vigorously for me until my case was expunged. I would recommend Nan wholeheartedly without reservation as I've found her honest, smart, capable, commanding, authoritative in the courtroom, and like the Energizer Bunny, worked non-stop in front of the judge until the ruling was in my favor. I'm sure she's busy but she always made time for me and even remembered me 5 years later when I e-mailed her to ask about some other issues. You know she's awesome when she'll take time to e-mail you and answer your legal questions even when she's not being paid or actively working on your case. This has led me to use her services again.

As a "tax paying, upstanding, law-abiding citizen" I never in my wildest dreams thought I would need to hire a defense attorney or find myself in court facing criminal charges. But that is exactly what happened. Though, in the grand scheme of things, my case was fairly small (a traffic misdemeanor) I have known other innocent people who have had horrible prosecution situations and I knew I could be facing very serious repercussions if my innocence was not proven (In my line of work I have a license to protect and given the nature of the charge and the nature of my work, If found guilty I could have lost my license and ultimately-- my career). After interviewing several lawyers, I finally found Nan Bucknell. Nan was honest about the possible outcome if I was found guilty (yet, at no time did I feel she was trying to make the situation sound more dire than it was or play on my worst fears which seemed to be the tendency of some of the other defense attorneys I had met with). She dealt with my case one step at a time, this helped keep me objective, less worried. In dealing with the court and the District Attorney she was aggressive, assertive, and professional. Completely un-intimidated. I felt very protected. When it was all said and done, I was found innocent of the crime I was being charged with. Nan handled my case with the highest integrity, and I feel she represents what a defense attorney should be: Fair, honest, and justice minded.

Excellent criminal attorney in San Jose ! Nan Bucknell is the best criminal lawyer and has helped me close my case!

This was the scariest time in our lives. Nothing like this had ever happened to us; but Nan shepherded us through this ordeal with skill and honesty that made all the difference. She speaks "criminal justice" and translated for us. She is a superior advocate. She worked hard for us and we received the best possible outcome for our circumstance. We would not hesitate to recommend Nan to anyone in need.

I came to Nan very worried about my legal problems. She was extremely reassuring and understanding of my fears. She took very good care of me and even made me laugh in the midst of it all. She has a presence in the courtroom that commands attention and respect. Having her at my side furring court proceedings made me feel like i was in competent, capable hands. She is knowledgeable, experienced and a consummate professional. I recommend Nan very highly.

Nan recently helped me get my whole case dismissed. She was very efficient, straightforward, knowledgeable, and prompt in returning phone calls and updating me on my case. I interviewed all types of lawyers in the San Jose area. From what I gathered Nan offers a more reasonable price than most lawyers/law firms while offering the same expertise (maybe even better, especially in my case) than the highly reputable law firms in Santa Clara County. This is because she has been working in the county for a long time and has even worked for a big name law firm (maybe more) before going into private practice. I am just happy that this is all over and I can continue with my life. If you are looking for a top notch criminal litigation lawyer, give Nan a call!!

I got into big trouble and she totally saved me and somehow kept me completely out of jail. How lucky I was to find her, in San Jose she is well known to be great very busy lawyer, but total hard worker and gets the best results for the client. She will tell you straight up the truth of what you need to do and I really appreciated her honesty and spunk. The judges always seem so happy to see her in court. Great for your case!