Client Testimonials (Yelp)

The unthinkable happened a few weeks ago: a 2:00am phone call from my 20 year old son. "Dad, I'm at the police station. They're booking me on a DUI". Nan took care of us from the very beginning when we explained the situation at a complimentary consultation. She listened intently to my son's re-telling the sequence of events and pointed out how certain responses could have been better handled: a very valuable lesson in the fact that the police are definitely not your friends when you have been pulled over, and you must be careful in what you say. She went on to explain all of the implications, all of the possible outcomes, and ways that the case could be fought. We were so impressed with Nan's professionalism and wisdom that my son felt that he was on the scene of a taping of "The Good Wife". Besides being a top-notch attorney, Nan is also a mom who understands that kids sometimes make mistakes, sometimes with serious consequences, and she is passionate about defending kids like my son who had obviously learned an important lesson. That first half hour consultation actually ran for an hour, and that was only the first indication of the extent of Nan's dedication to her clients. She was always available, always answering her phone, and promptly following up with the latest information and results from the various appointments that she attended on our behalf. I would highly recommend Nan as the best representative and counselor that one could ask for.
Pete B., Morgan Hill, CA

Nan helped me out with a DUI case I was facing and was very helpful. I was a little nervous and anxious going in. She definitely put me at ease and was very helpful and straight-forward with me. I had been referred to her by my brother and also had heard very good things about her from other lawyers that I had called to consult before finally deciding to have her represent me. I was convinced by what I had heard and by how great Nan is. I would definitely recommend her if you need some legal consultation!
Cesar R., San Jose, CA

Nan represented me on a second DUI case. I was pretty depressed when I first walked into her office, but she was so sweet and kind it took away all my anxiety. She was very honest and understanding to my situation. She took the time to explain every detail of my case and possible outcome. She did a great job on my case, I'm pleased with how things turned out. She was amazing.
Splifbunny G., San Jose, CA

A good friend of mine is a single mom with a teenage son. She was very upset when she got a call from the police telling her that her son stole a bicycle at school. She was embarrassed and her son was scared. She did not know what to do when she called me. I referred her to Nan Bucknell. Nan is wonderful and very skillful. She taught my friend how the law works and got her son out of trouble. I am so grateful I have Nan to help my friends or people I know far away form trouble and feel safe in our life.
Rebecca W., San Jose, CA

After talking to many Attorneys i called Nan for a criminal defense lawyer. Nan is a go for the gold type of lawyer. if you need serious help, this is your attorney. no nonsense, she guides you through the tough times. knowledgeable, intelligent, she keeps you well informed.
Christian B., Fremont, CA

Nan is a great lawyer. I completely trusted her in representing me in my DUI case. She is very understanding and easy to reach and explained the details of my case, as well as the possible consequences very clearly. She was able to get me the best possible outcome of the situation and I highly recommend her.
Chuck M., Milpitas, CA

Nan helped me out at my time of need. I was accused of sexual battery. she was with me all the way. she fought for me. never gave up on me. I was scared, but she but me at ease. she helped with my family handle this case as I was locked up in county. she did everything in her power to get me out. she was always at court and came to visit me in jail. I'm now with my family once again. she is the best. still after the case was over she is still with me helping me. she fights with everything she got. I recommend her to every one as my case was a tough case. she went head on. thanks Nan.
Carlos J., San Jose, CA

We hired Nan Bucknell to represent my son for violation of probation charges. We decided to get legal counsel for my son as we felt that he would not be adequately represented by a public defender after being violated by his probation officer when he had attended 38 weeks of a 52 week DV program. My son is a very difficult person to deal with and she really put things in perspective for my son right from the initial meeting. She was clear with explanations of proceedings and possible outcomes for his case. She not only represented him at on going court dates, but also was instrumental in dealing with the probation officer for my son's case. She was very attentive to our case and prompt with phone calls, emails, and face to face meetings. I would highly recommend her if you need legal counsel.
Monti C., San Jose, CA

We first hired Ms. Bucknell over a year ago to represent my son for a non-violent criminal charge and a violation of probation on a drug charge. We had already paid two other lawyers for prior misdemeanor charges with unsatisfactory results. With our limited financial resources, we thought that his latest charge would have to be left to the public defenders. I dreaded that my son would become just another case file among hundreds at the public defenders office. Ms. Bucknell understood our financial dilemma and made us a reasonable offer to represent my son on his new charge. She not only gave us the peace of mind of knowing what we should expect of the "correctional system", but she gave him guidance in making the best decisions regarding his defense. She has visited him at the jail every time he requested to meet with her before court appearances and has always been available by phone or email if I have any questions or concerns regarding my son's cases. I have no regrets that we hired Nan Bucknell to represent my son and I would recommend her to everyone that needs a lawyer and does not want to get lost in the "legal system".
Cheryl L., San Jose, CA

Nan seemed to know the law inside and out. I was facing a DUI charge and she got it dropped to a hundred dollar fine. now I won't have an ugly record hanging over my head for ten years. I would definitely hire her again. (hopefully I won't have to).
Kevin T., Santa Clara, CA

I luckily found Nan after I had already hired (and paid for!) a lawyer for a first-offender DUI case. I had gotten the sense that my first choice (made in haste after the arrest) was a "churn and burn" kind of lawyer, and I wanted someone that would understand ME as a person rather than just as a DUI. Nan was exactly that lawyer - she insisted I come to meet her so that we could talk through things and she was friendly, down-to-earth, and realistic. Nan even advised me on how to get some of my money back from the first lawyer! She also took the time to understand my life and what things were most important to try to "fight for" in terms of the punishments. As things progressed she was really timely in response to email, and most importantly she got as good of a result as possible for me. I am able to do my community service locally rather than where the offense was, and through a non-profit I was already affiliated with. She was willing to go back to court to fight for flexibility if I needed it as well, and she expunges your record after 3 years. Nan is a great choice, I highly recommend her!!
Deirdre D., Oakland, CA

Nan kept us informed through all aspects of our case. We needed some serious help from a good criminal defense lawyer and she was the one. Had spoke to other attorneys but she made us feel we had a good chance at a better outcome. She fought a good fight and got us the results we needed. Would recommend her to anyone needing great counseling.
Beverly B., Valley Springs, CA

Great lawyer and fun/nice person. made me feel comfortable in her office and handled my case very professionally. doesn't waste your time or take forever to get something done. hopefully you'll never need a lawyer but Nan is a good person to go to if you do.
Matt B., San Jose, CA

My boyfriend had a big drug case recently. We thought he would go to jail for sure because of the severity of the charges. Nan not only managed to reduce the charges but was also extremely attentive and very good about returning phone calls and keeping us updated. She was able to take care of the proceedings in a timely fashion and was also realistic about what exactly was going to happen. She is a fabulous criminal lawyer. I would recommend her to anyone!
Evelyn L., Santa Clara, CA