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Domestic Violence

If you've been charged with domestic violence, you're justifiably scared. Some domestic violence offenses, including those involving bodily injuries and violent crimes, may lead to serious penalties, so getting the right attorney is key. You need a highly-skilled, experienced and smart attorney, because your life and future are on the line. It is important to approach the District Attorney early on before any changes are filed at court. 

At Nan L. Bucknell, Attorney at Law, we have covered a wide range of domestic violence cases, so we know that they can be complicated. In almost every scenario, there is often much more to the story than what the alleged victim or prosecutor is presenting in court. Our criminal defense offices at Nan L. Bucknell, Attorney at Law, we are committed to investigate the facts of a case early on and determining if a victim is using these charges to gain leverage in a divorce or custody case. 

I know how to defend you and build your case, by examining police records, interviewing witnesses, and other investigative work. There is a lot at stake in these types of cases and that's why I always come to court prepared to fight for you. 

The penalties for domestic violence depend on the details of the case, including the extent of the injuries, your criminal history, and other aggravating circumstances. 

We are also very mindful of your immigration status, H1-B status, DACA status or green card status. At criminal defense offices at Nan L. Bucknell, Attorney at Law, we are prepared to do everything possible we can to protect your status. 

Domestic cases I handle include:

  • Assault & Battery 
  • Terrorist threats
  • Stalking
  • Malicious destruction of property
  • Child abuse
  • Violating a restraining order

For more information about starting a comprehensive and detail-oriented defense of your rights, contact the drug lawyer's office of Nan L. Bucknell, Attorney at Law, to start defending your future today.

Domestic Violence | San Jose Attorney