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Nan represented me on a second DUI case. I was pretty depressed when I first walked into her office, but she was so sweet and kind it took away all my anxiety. She was very honest and understanding to my situation. She took the time to explain every detail of my case and possible outcome. She did a great job on my case,

I'm pleased with how things turned out. She was amazing!

Buni G.
San Jose, CA

Nan helped me out with a DUI case I was facing and was very helpful. I was a little nervous and anxious going in. She definitely put me at ease and was very helpful and straight-forward with me.

I had been referred to her by my brother and also had heard very good things about her from other lawyers that I had called to consult before finally deciding to have her represent me. I was convinced by what I had heard and by how great Nan is.

I would definitely recommend her if you need some legal consultation!

Cesar R.
San Jose, CA

Even though I have a Palo Alto-based business, I am licensed as an attorney in another state. So, when i was asked by a friend what to do about a California DUI, I was happy that I had come to know Nan Bucknell and her highly professional and reliable legal services. Without hesitation I referred my friend to Nan ... and any attorney is very careful to refer clients only to fellow lawyers he can trust with absolute confidence and no reservations. --- Nan Bucknell is such a lawyer.

My friend was from out of state and in the process of moving to California, making the entire process even more difficult. Nevertheless, Nan was able to resolve the matter as a misdemeanor offense with the minimal fine and community service. She made her client feel secure and protected in what can be a scary experience, by listening to and answering every question openly, honestly, and completely. And, my friend never even had to appear in court!

I'm sure Nan's fees aren't the lowest available; but, they were very fair and reasonable. Googling for "cheap lawyer" is probably as smart as searching for "cheap skydiving"--not very bright. When getting legal services, "cheap" is a dangerous word. Nan's fee to my friend wasn't cheap but it was lower than most, and was a fixed sum with no "surprises". And, Nan delivered every service she promised.

Bottom-line? Nan Bucknell is a "lawyer's lawyer". She's competent, professional, comforting, reliable, reasonably-priced, and effective.

Timothy C.
Palo Alto, CA

A good friend of mine is a single mom with a teenage Son. She was very upset when she got a call from the police telling her that her Son stole a bicycle at school.

She was embarrassed and her son was scared. She did not know what to do when she called me. I referred her to Nan Bucknell. Nan is wonderful and very skillful. She taught my frined how the law works and got her son out of trouble.

I am so greatful I have Nan to help my friends or people I know far away form trouble and feel safe in our life.

Rebecca W.
San Jose, CA

Nan is as good as it gets!

I found her on yelp and so glad that I did! My unfortunate event was my first time ever getting pulled over and I confided in Nan to help me out. She reassured me time and time again that everything would be okay and in the end all charges were dropped.

She is very knowledgeable and her open door policy makes you feel at ease with any question or concern. She is now my go to lawyer anytime someone asks if I know a good one!

Eva E.
Morgan Hill, CA

Nan is a brilliant attorney who knows how to navigate the system expertly and gets the job done!! She fought hard for me and got me the best possible outcome for my case. Not only is she highly competent and experienced, she is warm, kind, and has a great sense of humor!! Yes, such attorneys do exist!! Nan is living proof. Hire her. You won't regret it.

Nan, if you're reading this, I cannot thank you enough and will never forget what you've done for me!!

Sindu S.
San Jose, CA

My case was regarding a DUI situation in Santa Clara County. I was lost , depressed, felt pretty crappy with this situation. And then I met Nan!

She made everything so much easier to handle and always made sure I stayed positive throughout the process.

I honestly thought there was no hope until I contacted her. She was very attentive and considerate since it was my first DUI. She always stayed in touch and made sure I knew all the details regarding my case. And to be honest she is a pretty awesome person!

I would definitely recommend her to others going through a similar situation as mines. Also I thought I would be dealing with court hearings and trails regarding my case but I NEVER had to deal with court hearings or coming into court , she took care of everything for me !

She is truly a helpful and caring individual. You can tell she loves what she does and she is very passionate about her work.

Amandeep A.
Hayward, CA

Nan was very professional and polite. She really paid attention to everything I had to say about my case. She gave me anecdotes of previous cases that she took upon and also gave me different options to choose upon for my outcome. I definitely recommend her. Her price is very reasonable considering the talent and professionalism she brings to the table. Very grateful to have met her.

Alberto G.
Hayward, CA

Nan is so easy to talk to and really gives you the information you need in a straight forward manner.  She was able to intervene and stop our legal proceedings prior to getting to court.  She believed in us and got the case dismissed.  Best yelp I have ever used!!

Juliette B.
San Francisco, CA

Nan Bucknell is the best and doesn't take "NO" for an answer! She will always keep chipping away at the issue until she gets what she wants. She never gives up and is very tenacious! She is your best choice for a Criminal Defense Attroney.

Vynette L.
Castro Valley, CA

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